Vertical Surface Tragus Piercing; Is It Worth The Pain?

One of the most sought-after piercings that has become a raging trend amongst the youngsters in today’s time is that of the vertical surface tragus piercing. This does ring a bell to your ears, doesn’t it?

Owing to being different than usual, it is something that has garnered everyone’s attention.

IF you, too, are a piercing freak, you must have thought, at least once while scrolling through the Instagram feed, to get this piercing done for yourself!

Afterall, it will make you appear super-cool and uber-chic in all the pictures that you take. Whoever sets his glance at you would envy your guts and the trendiness exuded by your unusual choice in piercing.

Tragus Piercing; An Unusual Idea

Tragus piercing is targeted on an area that is quite unconventional. The thick flesh wrapping the ear opening is the tragus. Its basic function is to protect the ear tube by covering it. It ensures that no external particle, harmful for the ear, enters it. This tube further moves towards the internal parts of the ear, for instance the eardrum! It is a popular notion that it is a pressure point in the acupunctural science, and helps in getting rid of all kinds of headaches and migraine problems.

Nonetheless, the scientific research is limited in this regard and if you’re planning to get vertical surface tragus piercing just to get rid of the constant headache, you may need to lower down your expectations a little. It may work for you if you’re lucky, or may only give you a pretty look with no effect on your recurrent migraine at all.

Either way, it is a choice worth making!

The Actual Positioning of The Piercing

This piercing, as the name suggests, is done vertically on the tragus. Right on the edge of the tragus, it sits on the surface. Compared to the regular piercings, this one is different as it is done on a small fold of cartilage, and the other end appears from the same side! As the surface of the hole remains same, it is commonly known as tragus surface piercing.

One reason why this piercing has becoming so famous amongst the youngsters is the unusual place where it is inserted. Though the jewelry options it comes with are limited, it still is one of the most sought-after piercing options in today’s time.

Does it hurt?

Well, as it is said, no pain no gain!

Pain that comes from any kind of piercing quintessentially depends on the pain endurance level of a particular person. If you are naturally prone to feeling pain, all kinds of piercing are gonna hurt you!

The vertical tragus piercing pain is minimal owing to the peculiar place where it is done. The tragus is composed of flexible cartilage, which comes in a thin layer. As there is no ‘thick’ tissue in that area, the number of nerves over there is also low. Hence, the pain that one feels while the piercing is being done is ignorable.

However, this also depends on the kind of practitioner you are getting your piercing from! If he is an expert, he would know that it is a bit hard to pierce the cartilage. Compared to the regular flesh, when it comes to piercing the cartilage, more pressure is required. An amateur piercer, when applies lesser than required pressure, may end up in making you feel miserable.
Thus, pressure is the key! Thrusting it inside the cartilage in a single go by applying enough pressure would make you feel nothing, and you would be more than satisfied of the final outcome.

As said before, your tolerance towards pain would actually decide how you feel from this piercing. Even if you are extremely tolerant towards pain, you would still feel a bit of sting when the needles go inside the flesh. This, obviously, is quite normal and you shouldn’t be worried about it!

Understanding The Rejection

There are times when you can’t really get the surface piercing as your skin would reject it outrightly!
Yes, that can definitely happen.

It mostly happens because this kind of piercing is done underneath the skin. Hence, it can be pushed out of the body doesn’t allow an external element becoming a part of it. One reason why the possibility of rejection in tragus surface piercing is higher than another kind of piercing is because others, unlike this one, are inserted quite deeper into the tissues.

One thing that you need to understand is that rejection may come immediately while one is trying to insert the piercing into the tragus, or may appear later on. This means that the surface may reject it later on while the skin is trying to heal. It may also unexpectedly start to reject the piercing later on, after many years, even when the treated area has long healed.

Avoiding The Rejection

A proven way through which you can avoid the chances of rejection is by using small and light-weight jewelry items. They do not place any kind of stress on the skin, ensuring their stay for a longer period of time! Apart from this, when you practice appropriate post-treatment care activities, the chances of any rejection may limit down to a great deal.

Choosing a well-experienced and qualified piercer would also reduce the chances of rejection. Surface piercing is quite a tricky one! A single mistake may cause the tragus to forever reject the piercing. Hence, pay a few extra bucks but choose a qualified practitioner for avoidance of rejection.

As soon as you feel like your piercing is being rejected, visit your piercer soonest possible. Discussing this issue with him in detail will help you in not only stopping it but also to remove all the chances of skin scarring. This way, the chances of a permanent damage can be limited down.

The Healing Period

A lot of people avoid piercing out of the fright of it never healing up completely! If you’re one of them, your fears are completely justified. Sometimes, when the pierced area is not taken care of properly, it may end up in a permanent damage. A proper care reduced such chances to zero!

The wound may take more or less eight weeks to heal completely. All the redness, soreness and pain would diminish in around two weeks. If it doesn’t subside and you constantly feel warmth around the area, you should consult an expert and get the wound checked!

The Post-Treatment Care

Taking good care of the piercing post-treatment is a must! If you don’t take extra measures to keep the area free from bacterial contact, you may end up with an infected vertical tragus piercing. IF aggravated, this infection can cause a severe irreparable loss!

Once you get the tragus pierced, certain issues are quite common and you definitely don’t need to rush to the doctor if they happen. For instance;

  1. Redness of the affected area
  2. A bit of swelling
  3. A ting of pain
  4. The area getting warm

For a week or two, you may persistently have the same feeling. It may change in intensity, though. Nonetheless, they all are normal and you don’t need to see a doctor if you feel all or any of these symptoms.

What you need to do to help the piercing get healed soon is;

  1. Avoid touching it unless and until you wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap. This way, the chances of any bacteria reaching the newly done piercing would be limited!
  2. Avoid washing the pierced area frequently.
  3. Don’t wear low quality jewelry.

The Money-Talks!

Does it burn a whole in the pocket? – Absolutely not!

The vertical tragus piercing cost is definitely not expensive. Compared to the new, chic look that it gives you, the cost incurred is definitely minimal. Nonetheless, the final cost depends on the place you live and the expertise of the piercer you get the appointment of!

On average, it would cost you somewhere between 40 to 50 dollars.

When it comes to choosing between a low-cost inexperienced piercer or a high-priced experienced practitioner, always opt for the later. This is because an experienced piercer would know his job well! He would make sure to complete his task in a single go and would offer you the most appropriate and effective post-care methods and precautions.

On the other hand, saving some money and going to a relatively new piercer may lead to a lot of dire issues later on. Make your choice wisely!

The vertical surface tragus piercing definitely has the power to change your entire look. If you are yearning to do something adventurous which won’t be way too drastic at the same time, go for the tragus vertical surface piercing and you surely wont regret! Also, it is easy to heal the wound if you take proper care of it after the treatment.

Style and convenience together; what a win-win situation for you!

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