Tragus Piercing; What Sets it Apart From Others?

Are you one of those people who love to adorn their bodies with trendy ornaments?

Or are you someone who embarked on this journey as a traditional ritual, and then fell in love with the idea? Now you just want to come up with a new piercing every month?

Either way, you must be really aware of piercings of different kinds. The options available are unlimited! You simply need to build up some guts and get a new hole dug up in a new part of your body.

One of the most famous kinds of piercing, which is getting popularity over time, is vertical tragus piercing. This is basically the piercing in the tragus of the ear, and then it is adorned with a pretty, little ring.

Tragus; An Unusual Area for Piercing

The tragus is basically a triangularly projected area of cartilage, which is located at the front of the ear canal’s opening. This part of the ear basically aids you in catching the sound that’s coming from your behind. To locate this area further, it is important to clarify that this is the part of the ear that holds the earbuds in their place!

As the name suggests, it goes vertically all the into the tragus from its outside and then moves inside again. Thus, we can say that it creates two channels. Hence, you obviously will have to endure a bit of the pain more than what a usual piercing cause. But that’s fun cause the end result will make you look super stylish! Also known as the sideburn piercing, it surely is different from the plain tragus piercing.

Vertical Tragus; The New ‘IT’ Trend

A bit different from the quintessential tragus piercing, the vertical tragus surface piercing appears much more stylish compared to the former. It offers a divergence from the traditional tragus piercing, making you look quite modish. Owing to being trendy, it garners a lot of attention from the onlookers.

If you are planning to go for the vertical tragus piercing, you need to know that it is a surface piercing. This means that it is done on the flatter parts of the body. Hence, it gives away a doubly-pierced look. The ornament sits completely flat on the skin.

Knowing The Difference Between Tragus Piercing and Tragus Surface Piercing

Confused? Well, the tragus piercing and tragus surface piercing are two different phenomena. Where the tragus piercing basically moves through the cartilage of the tragus, the other one doesn’t go through the cartilage. It is also known as sideburn tragus, and it enters the surface from one end and moves out from the other.

These both kinds of piercings have some difference in terms of the sizes of wound as well. For instance, the simple tragus piercing done on the cartilage right in front of the ear canal has a size of around 16g. On the other hand, the surface tragus piercing doesn’t require a hole on the body. This is because it tends to transverses through the cartilage, without really making a hole on it.

It is then clear that being vertical, the length of the vertical tragus piercing is more compared to the regular piercing. As it takes up more space, you can adorn the area with a pretty looking elongated piece of jewelry.

As it is done right on the surface, the chances of its rejection from the body are bright. Compared to the normal piercings, this particular one faces more rejections. As an entire object has to go inside the skin, there are times when this foreign item is not entertained by the body. Hence, it rejects it and doesn’t host it well!

In case your immune system is quite strong, it may also be the reason behind a strong rejection of the foreign element becoming a permanent part of your body.

Choosing The Right Practitioner

What sets this piercing away from others is its trajectory. This piercing is a vertical one, which goes through the tragus in this direction. Being an unconventional piercing, getting it is quite a daring task. Hence, it is necessary to select an expert piercer to go for it! A single mistake by a newbie or an amateur may end up ruining this idea for you, and may lead to a severe ear infection if things go horribly wrong! No matter you go for the normal vertical tragus piercing or the surface tragus piercing, you need to choose a highly trustable person for that!

When the piercing you are getting is the surface one, the chances of an infection occurring are quite high! Alongside this, the risks of rejection and migraine are maximum when the surface piercing is happening anywhere around the head region. Nonetheless, if you really want to have it, get it done by an expert and take all the recommended safety precautions. This will surely keep you on the safer side. extensive bleeding would be minimum in this case.

An expert and qualified practitioner would require you to pay some extra bucks, but you would definitely be in safe hands.

The Healing Process

Once you have gotten your piercing done, you would surely be concerned about its healing. Compared to other kinds of piercing, being different makes its healing a little sensitive to the measures you take. What you need to do is:

1) Make sure that the pierced area is clean. When the affected area is away from all kinds of bacterial or viral inhabitation there won’t be any kind of infection causing an ensuing aggravation. For that matter, use an antiseptic soap. Washing the affected area with it will keep all the possible bacterial elements away from it for long!

2) Using un-iodized sea salt works great towards making the healing period shorter! Washing your pierced area with it and rinsing it off with warm water will help you heal faster.

3) Well, you sure are quite excited and want to touch your piercing time and again, this is what you need to avoid for sure! Touching it would help the bacteria on your fingers move all the way up to the newly pierced area. Hence, it may cause infections. In case of extreme itching and irritation when the usage of hands becomes necessary, make sure to wash your hands with a bar of anti-bacterial soap and then calm your itching.

What’s More

4) Your piercing is obviously a wound. It will take time to heal. In case it takes time, don’t worry and let it go. Worrying and opting for some self-medication will further worsen it.

5) Certain weather conditions are not suitable for a piercing and you need to avoid getting it done during those conditions unless it is necessary. During the monsoon time when humidity intensifies, healing takes a longer time. If you can’t deal with the additional healing protocol, don’t go for piercing during this time.

6) It is a possibility that much later after your wound has healed, the piercing faces rejection from the body. In such a case, you need to rush to your piercer soonest possible. This happens mainly when the piece of jewelry you wear in your tragus piercing is way too heavy for the skin to handle. Its pressure builds up with time and eventually, the body ends up rejecting it.

Adorning Your Ears

Choosing a piece of jewelry to fill up the piercing is always quite exciting. This is because there are numerous options, and selecting one from them really makes one ecstatic. However, when it comes to selecting a vertical tragus piercing jewelry, the available options are not that vast. As the piercing that you need to adorn is a small projection of the ear cartilage, going for huge pieces if a complete NO. Hence, you need to look for relatively smaller options, which won’t burden the piercing much!

The Choice of Jewelry

To be honest, the kind of jewelry that you can use on your tragus piercing is limited in choice. You can have either bead rings, labret studs, or horseshoes. Being a small area that is quite sensitive, heavy pieces of jewelry may not be suitable for it.
Though being sensitive, it takes long or curved barbells quite well. The length of the barbell can be decided just according to your own convenience and it won’t be an issue. Whatever you choose will easily fit into your piercing.

As the vertical piercing is bit longer than the regular one, you can use pieces of jewelry that are extensive in lengths. Their positioning would be done by the piercer, ensuring that it stays in the place for as long as possible!

So, what are you waiting for! Now that you have enough information to go on this adventure, go for it. All you need to do is to get rid of all your fears and take this plunge. The style that you exude after getting vertical tragus piercing is what sets it apart from other piercings!

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