Orbital Ear Piercing – HOWDY, PIERCING LOVER! XOXO

Feeling inspired by our dear Black widow Scarlett, Queen Beeyoncé, maybe bad girl Riri? Looking to amp up your game? Feeling a bit daring? Well, you’re DEFINITELY in the right place. Let me give you a rundown of the trendy piercing in store: orbital piercing. Let’s do a quick study of what it is and then dive into other details like pain levels and after care.

What is an orbital piercing?

It’s the adornment of two piercings by one single piece of jewellery. It is very similar to an industrial piercing if you’ve heard of it. While the industrial piercing is connected by a bar, the orbital piercing is connected by a small hoop hence giving the illusion of an orbit.

(That is exactly where the quirky name comes from.) You’ll sound very cool and intelligent when you tell your friends of your newest quest. The biggest selling point for the orbital piercing is its placement, which is usually the lower ear lobe hence decreasing the healing time to a good 8-to-10-week period. (Yep, it’s because of the soft baby bum like ear tissue you got in the lower lobe). Which means you can sleep comfortably on BOTH your sides looking like a classy missy. However, the location can be your choice totally. You can also choose to go for the upper or middle ear lobe which looks equally AHmazing!

You know the coolest part about going for this piercing? It won’t get stuck on your favourite winter sweater, nor in your hair while you enjoy the nice summer breeze on your face. The lesser the chance of it getting stuck in places, the lesser the chance of an injury or infection, thus, making the healing process faster.

Now you might have decided to get it done if you are still here (fingers crossed) and might be wondering where you can get the piercing done from?

The Answer is:

There are a lot of jewellery stores that do it, as well as piercing parlours. BUT make sure to go to a place that has a clean environment and performs sterile and sure-handed piercings. A few questions that you should ask the person doing it should be whether they’ve done the same piercing for others before, how long their experience is and if the location you’ve chosen is the best since they can always guide you towards a fancier and less painful one. Asking these questions will also make you feel like you’ve formed a connection with the piercer.

(Yep, that is a word and well an occupation you could say?) So, as I was saying, the connection will help you feel comfortable and will calm down your jittery nerves making the process much much easier. Well, you don’t want to move mid process and form a Dubai sized hole now, do you? HAHA, just kidding, you’ll do just fine. You seem like a strong-willed dare devil to me already. So let’s move on to the process now

Drum Roll Please The Process

I’d say the whole ordeal of getting an orbital piercing is pretty straightforward. The piercer will clean the piercing area and will then move on to making a perforation with a sterilized needle or in some instances the jewellery piece directly. As mentioned before, the piercing requires two holes. So, either you get two new ones, or you can choose to get one new hole beside an existing one. (Keeping in mind that the existing one is suitable for an orbital piercing.) If you decide to get two new ones, you can, but are not obliged to get them at the same time. If you’re feeling impatient or it’s an occasion, you can very well get them both done one after another. Dividing the piercing over two appointments is also a good solution if your pain tolerance level is relatively low.

What kind of jewellery to start off from?

Ball closure rings are usually the common ones used, though you can opt for others such as segment rings, circular barbells, and horseshoe rings. Though keep in mind that it is imperative that you choose the right size so that complications such as migration don’t occur. (Migration is when the jewellery moves from its initial location, sometimes gradually moving outside of the skin entirely.)

The rings come in a variety of elements, such as titanium, platinum and gold, though surgical steel will probably be the best choice for the initial insertion. Some people have really sensitive skin and can’t wear anything other than pure gold so if you’re one of those its best to inform the piercer and go with that as your initial choice. In all cases, once your piercing has healed, you can swap it out for any ring you like! The jewellery world is your oyster, heh.

After Care

A lot of people fret about the after care for fancy piercings like this one, well rightfully so, but they don’t need to since it’s the same as every other piercing you get. You must clean the new addition to the family at least once a day, if not twice. (Which is what I’d suggest since being safe is always better.) Take out your saline solution, a soft cotton ball or a Q-tip.

If you don’t have a saline solution at home, you can also use warm water and sea salt. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you start. Use the saline water infused cotton ball or Q-tip to clean off any crust or residue on the piercing. As long as you’re doing this small task in your everyday routine you should have a recovered sassy looking piercing in no time at all. Also, avoid touching the piercing unless you really must.

Uh hello, what else should you be doing? You should be taking a billion selfies of your beautiful new piercing so the world can take some inspiration from you Gurlll. Now go get your mojo on and hop on the train of orbital piercings, you’ll love it. I am feeling giddy thinking about how awesome it’ll look. Thank you for trusting us to give you all the right information you can get on orbital piercings. Hope to catch you soon on more trendy pieces. Ciao senor/senorita.

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