Like some other body change strategies, you are getting a helix piercing necessities a great deal of thought and boldness. The extraordinary tip is to know the subtleties of what you are getting into and do incredible research about it. Regardless of whether you need to inspire companions or need another look, dependable look for the best with regards to giving a quality puncturing. We trust all the helix piercing gems here helped you choose which style to get.

What is helix piercing?

The helix is the conspicuous edge of the outside piece of the ear made out of ligament in this way the helix piercing is an aperture on the upper ear ligament for an individual to most likely wear piece adornments or studs.

Shouldn’t something be said about the torment amid helix piercing?

Helix piercing agony can shift from individual to individual and from piercer to piercer. Helix piercing might be less difficult because helix is made out of ligament which does not have any nerve endings. However, a few people may encounter torment while experiencing the method because puncturing the ligament needs additional weight and exertion from the master piercer. On the off chance that you do feel torment, it might keep going for a large portion of a moment to one moment. There may likewise be a bit of seeping from the injury that can continue for around an hour.

Usually, the helix piercing methodology is finished with the utilization of either a bent needle or and 18 empty gauge needle. The piercer will stamp a speck on your ear so you can choose and see the position. For safeguards, a little plug might be set in your ear opening to keep away from any instrument to infiltrate the trench inadvertently. It is vital that the individual being penetrated keeps up a consistent head all through the method and be set up with the weight while puncturing the helix as they are required because the ligament might be more enthusiastically contrasted with projection piercing.

What sort of jewelry is reasonable for helix piercing?

Helix piercing jewelry looks exceedingly successful; anyway, it must be finished by a learned and dependable piercer to maintain a strategic distance from any potential issues.
Helix piercing isn’t the most common kind of ear puncturing since ear cartilage is certainly the well-known ear puncturing. In any case, helix puncturing has turned out to be moderately basic at this point. It is because of the increasingly powerful reason and fascination. Thus, it isn’t astonishing that numerous individuals have this sort of piercing.

Helix piercing is frequently joined with other ear piercings and isn’t extraordinary to have various helix piercings performed in sets or more than one made beside one another. The other extraordinary element about helix piercing is that it highlights distinctive gems types and helix shields that are made explicitly for this puncturing. Helix is characterized as an external edge of ear ligament. It is regularly performed on the tip of the ear, while different situations are conceivable too.

The run of the mill adornments type for helix piercings incorporate hostage dab rings, anyway few piercing fans pick utilizing labret and stud gems types. A few people likewise favor wearing short and straight hand weights to enhance their helix piercing. A great many people incline toward having two helix piercings that are associated with a single bit of gems, consequently creating mechanical piercing. Amid the season of recuperating, you would need to wear two separate bits of gems like two hostage dot rings long as the helix piercings get mended. Some different piercers, in any case, incline toward associating mechanical piercing with single straight free weight from the earliest starting point.

These are normal jewelry types utilized in helix piercing.

• Captive Bead Ring
• Studs
• Barbell
• Hoops

Captive Bead Ring

Captive bead rings are roundabout metal adornments that can be spanned by a bar or a dab. The captive bead rings are lovely band style adornments that comprise of one dot in the center. They are likewise very flexible and will be appropriate for piercings like the helix, daith, and tragus.


Helix labrets studs are like flap hoops that have straight bars with a level circle on one side and a jewel on the opposite side. Studs are a work of art and exceptionally adaptable adornments that will work for practically any piercing kind. The studs for the ear ligament will comprise of a jewel, little appeal or rhinestone connected to a metal post. These studs are truly agreeable, and you can wear them on any piercing along the cartridge.


Barbells additionally have a straight pole with dots on the two sides. These barbells are accessible in all sizes and shapes. There are bent barbells, horseshoe-like hand weights, incompletely round and completely roundabout hand weights. Barbells have a straightforward plan that comprises of a metal bar with two strung balls to hold it set up with one on each end. Like some other stud, they will come in various hues, measures, length. Likewise, they can either be straight or bent and are most appropriate for a rook, cozy, helix and conch piercings.


Hoops for ear ligament will look precisely like those for the ear cartilage. However, they will be littler and with less itemized examples. Ligament hoops will look like little eye curls, and you can wear only them or with different bands. Their best element is that they are slender and thus delicate and agreeable on the piercing.

Whichever puncturing you get, they never neglect to bring that inconspicuous and complex look.

A progressively one of a kind sort of helix jewelry is recognized as helix shield. It is considered as a lavishly ornamented and extraordinary jewelry piece made to situate on the outside of the ear. Helix shields are extremely alluring and excellent. However, they can be used just on the mended piercing.

What is the ideal measure for helix puncturing?

The 18 gauge adornment is commonly ideal because there is a greater probability of movement with checks that are little in size. Your piercer will offer you a recommendation on which style of gems is ideal for you. You can give your piercing with certain elective style by methods for prevalent quality adornments. It is conceivable to make your helix puncturing stand one of a kind with body piercing adornments like free weight, stud or ball conclusion ring that turns out in unmistakable shading decisions and styles. Find the dazzling determination of helix puncturing adornments to check what styles you can decide for this popular piercing.

The standard helix puncturing, albeit, commonly began with a little round free weight or hostage dab ring. A legitimate check estimate is ordinarily 16 to 14 gauge, yet it depends on the edge measure. You need something that is sufficiently little to fit inside the twisted edge without applying any weight on the ligament. It is smarter to permit your piercer to pick what measure is ideal.

The ligament piercings wound up famous, harking back to the ’90s, and from that point forward their notoriety has been on a relentless ascent. This puncturing style cuts crosswise over the two sexual orientations, and even though men still don’t get them as much as ladies, most presently acknowledge them as a contemporary type of body artistry.

The vast majority cherish them since they emerge as well as have a hot and restless look. Likewise, these are very flexible since there are numerous kinds of puncturing and adornments that you can get. Even though these piercings will set aside a significant long effort to mend they are not as excruciating as a great many people would anticipate.

Notwithstanding, as most different types of body craftsmanship, there is a great deal of confusion out there; however, the vast majority of these ideas are because of the absence of data. Thus on the off chance that you are considering about getting at least one of these lovely piercings, there are some essential things that you should know to abstain from being misdirected by misguided judgments.

The helix is the right edge of the ligament on the external piece of your ear. The helix puncturing will be any that you do along this edge. Numerous individuals will likewise want to have a few piercing on this ligament and wear a column of spiked loops or studs to make an out of control look.

What are the drawbacks of a helix piercing?

Everything has a drawback. Thus these piercings are not a special case. One of the principal ones is their area since it makes the gems inclined to catch in your hair, glasses or even brushes/brushes. For a crisp piercing, this isn’t just difficult yet can likewise abandon it aggravated and somewhat sore.

The other downside is the mending time since some can take as long as a year to recuperate totally. This moderate recuperating is because the body tissues will mend all things considered thus within the ligament will stay crude and sore for long.

The last drawback is that any contaminations on the ligament are more diligently to manage than different pieces of the body. Since the helix does not have a supply of blood, anti-microbial won’t be sufficiently useful.

What ought to do in the wake of getting the helix piercing?

Piercing on the helix won’t require any exceptional consideration; thus thinking about them will be entirely simple. You clean it with the saline arrangement or clean water. Notwithstanding giving the shower a chance to water keep running over the puncturing is sufficient to keep it clean. In any case, it is vital to make sure to applaud the region dry delicately. Even though it may entice contact or scratch the region around the piercing, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from it however much as could reasonably be expected. Any germs in your grasp can enter the injury and lead to diseases and different complexities; thus on the off chance that you should contact the injury you have to clean your hand first. Likewise, guarantee that you don’t turn the gems on the puncturing or expel the outside around it. By and large, you should keep the injury spotless and dry to guarantee it recuperates legitimately. A little release from the piercing ought to likewise not stress you as it is typical. Be that as it is exorbitantly difficult to the touch and it delivers a terrible scent you should see a specialist as this may be an indication of contamination.


Q: How difficult is it to pierce the helix?

A: Piercing the helix is somewhat more difficult than the ear cartilage. The agony does not last, and you will feel a large portion of it amid the genuine puncturing. If you take great consideration of the injury, you should encounter little agony as it recuperates.

Q: How long does the helix take to mend?

A: All things considered puncturing on the ligament will take between a half year to a year to recover. In any case, on the off chance that you take a decent and enough consideration of it and have it done by an expert, it will take as meager as about two months or even less.

Q: Are there things that you should maintain a strategic distance from as the puncturing mends?

A: Yes, there are things that you ought to stay away from as the piercing mends. They incorporate swimming and dozing on the pierced ear. Likewise, you ought not to evacuate the gems or continue contacting or turning it.

Q: Should you utilize a puncturing gun or needle?

A: Sterile needle. Even though guns will pierce the gap quick, you ought to never utilize them on your ear ligament. The piercing gun can cause distortion as well as the stud that it uses won’t leave enough space for swelling, and it will make cleaning troublesome.

Q: How much will the piercing expense?

A: The cost will rely upon where you get the puncturing. In any case, it won’t be excessively costly in many shops. It costs around US$20 to US$60. Nonetheless, some legitimate piercers can charge upwards of $100.

Helix puncturing is very prevalent with women. However, even men will, in general, have them. The provocative and tense look that it generally makes is the thing that makes it one of a kind. There is path a lot to this decorative body puncturing than the real piercing.

You need to realize the distinctive sorts accessible, aftercare and any conceivable complexity before getting one. Additionally, it is constantly shrewd to get it from an expert and demand that they utilize a sterile needle rather than the puncturing firearm. Ultimately, realize that some can be very difficult and all will take more time to recuperate than projection piercings.