Does Daith Piercing Really Mitigate Migraine?

Migraine refers to a kind of headache that stays only at a certain portion, without outspreading across the entire head. Its intensity may rise with time, but this throbbing pain tends to select a particular area and stays there! What starts as a very minor and dull ache on the head increases with time and may end up staying intact for days.

As the sufferer opts for some physical activity, it may escalate and become even worse! Depending upon the reason for its initiation, it may combine with nausea, sensitivity to light, and even vomiting. Nonetheless, there are a lot of ways to mitigate it. A relatively contemporary way to lessen its intensity is that of the daith piercing, which is getting quite popular amongst those who suffer from it every now and then.

Knowing Daith Piercing

Daith piercing is the piercing of the ears. This unconventional form of piercing is done on the inner ear, targeting the cartilage fold. It pinpoints the crus of helix, which is the innermost fold of the ear’s cartilage. The procedure appears simple, using a hollow needle to dig up the hole, and requires just a few seconds to be completed. One reason why it could cause some pain is that it is done in a place that is quite sturdy, and it’s a bit tough to make a hole on it. Once the hole is dug, a rig is attached to it, making it appear super stunning.

Though it’s a bit painful, the benefits and health perks associated with it make it worth having for sure!

Initially started as a cosmetic procedure to beautify the facial feature through adorning the ears with a ring, the daith piercing is now being hailed for its healing properties for migraine. Over the last few years, its popularity has multiplied, and people are opting for it in abundance.

Daith Piercing and Migraine

Now, the real question arises. Do daith piercing and migraine really have some relation? Though the scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of daith piercing to mitigate migraine is unavailable, a lot of people still support the notion. People advocating for it come with a point of view that it is a form of therapy, which helps in reducing the intensity of the migraine, no matter how throbbing it is.

Acts Like Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of therapy, which is used to relieve a variety of pains. Its mode of working is that it uses needles and pinpoints some specific areas across the body. Each pointed area helps in relieving pain in one way or the other. For the supporters of daith piercing, it is like a form of acupuncture, which helps in getting rid of migraine! The area pointed in it is the vagus nerve. Once this procedure puts pressure on the vagus nerve, it mitigates the pain impressively.
Hence, once the acupuncture point of vagus nerve is hit with the needle, it gives therapeutic benefits to anyone suffering from the throbbing pain of migraine. This surely makes one belief in the authenticity of this procedure.

The Placebo Effect

As the connection between daith piercing and the mitigation of migraine doesn’t come with a strong scientific backing, different people have different theories that they support. For instance, a lot many experts consider this connection to be a prime example of the placebo effect. This means that the piercing is a non-active treatment, and it is actually the psychology that plays its part in diminishing the pain. The procedure may not treat the problem itself but may cajole the sufferer into thinking that he has been relieved of the pain.

Side Effects Associated with Daith Piercing

Unfortunately, daith piercing is not entirely safe but comes some side effects and issues associated with it. These include:

1) Infection

One major and the most common concern associated with daith piercing is infection. As this piercing is persistently exposed to bacteria, the risks of infection are manifold. These bacteria may come from the hair, the phone, or the hat worn by the person. As the piercing is done right outside the ear canal, the traveling of bacteria into it gets easier. Once aggravated, this infection may even cause permanent loss of hearing ability.

2) Permanency

There are times when the person having this piercing may want to close it for some reason. The issue arising here would be the fact that this is a permanent treatment, and the hole may not be closed entirely. No matter how much one may try, a little mark would still stay there. Hence, it can be considered to be a permanent scaring that doesn’t go away.

Should you go for it?

As there is no scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of daith piercing in reducing migraine, it may just be an experiment if you go for it. There are around 60% chances that you may be benefited from it, while 40% chances say that it may just be a beautification procedure. As it is an inexpensive procedure, opting for it and taking the chance would be a good idea.

However, taking good care of the piercing post-procedure is mandatory. This includes washing hands before touching it, keeping the treated area neat and clean, and washing it with a disinfected regularly. Avoid going swimming in a public pool, and don’t fiddle with the piercing. In case you get it done during the monsoon period, extra care is required to ensure there is no infection.


Daith piercing is an increasingly popular procedure that beautifies facial features, and if one is lucky enough, it might treat migraine as well. Though there is no proof of the viability of this procedure and its direct relation with migraine pain mitigation, its acupuncturing properties may be fruitful. If you are sick and tired of this throbbing pain, take a chance and opt for this procedure! However, taking all the required steps to avoid its side effects and any possible infections is a MUST!

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